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Skilled Trade Certificate Programs You Should Know About

With advances in technology, skilled trade workers now have more opportunities to find dependable jobs in a variety of career fields. No longer do you need to complete apprenticeship programs to become a skilled artisan. You can complete a skilled trade certificate program instead.

When looking for a skilled trade program, you'll notice there are three primary types: Construction, Precision Production, and Mechanic and Repair.

Construction Certification

Construction certification programs qualify students for a rewarding career as licensed professionals in the construction industry. Many construction jobs today require construction certificates. By enrolling and completing a program, you will have an advantage over other workers who have yet to take a trade course.

There are many construction job titles out there, each with their own requirements. If you’re unsure of which job you wish to pursue, a general construction certificate can provide you with the basic knowledge you need to work on any construction site.

For more specialized knowledge, a plumbing certificate program will help you learn how to read plumbing blueprints and navigate technologies related to drainage and waste. In addition to brushing up on your math and chemistry skills, you’ll be integral to any job site since well-structured pipes are necessary for any functioning building.

A building or construction site management certificate can help you advance through the ranks. If you want to take your career to the next level, this course will put you in a good position to manage job sites and workers. As a construction manager, you’ll be tasked with making sure blueprints and regulations are being followed. Before you can be considered for management, you’ll likely need a background in administrative duties and construction.

Precision Production

Precision production is the use of skilled labor to create goods used in everyday life. By completing this certification course, you’ll be qualified to work in jobs involved with the creation of furniture, clothes, and other hand-made items. Even in a world where everything is mass-produced, items made by hand still hold value. There is even a furniture design and manufacturing certificate, which could help you bring your passions and creativity to the fore as you create functional artwork people can use.

A welding certificate will give you the technical skills to weld a variety of items from personal items like jewelry to furniture. Welders perform work that can’t be replicated by a machine and thus command respect on any modern construction site.

Mechanic Certificates

Our society relies on machines, and yet every machine that runs needs to be repaired at some point. Mechanics fulfill the valuable role of repairing our machines with specialized knowledge and skills.

There are several types of mechanic certification courses. There is the electronics maintenance and repair course, which teaches you how to repair electrical wiring and a variety of electric equipment.

Automobile repair, automobile mechanics technician certificate, and the auto body repair certificate are three courses that will give you the ability to repair today’s advanced automobiles.

Mechanics that grow tired of working on cars and trucks can move to aviation repair with the aircraft maintenance certificate, allowing them to work on jets and planes in a hangar as opposed to a mechanic’s shop.

The mechanic category of certification is also available to those who wish to work in HVAC. The heating, air conditioning, ventilation, and refrigeration (HVAC) course gives you the knowledge to install, maintain, and repair climate control systems.

These are just a few of the certification programs currently available to job seekers such as yourself. The job market is fierce but getting your hands on a certificate can highlight your resume against all others vying for the same job.

When your career path is wide open, it can be both exciting and frightening at the same time. Getting some guidance from a career coach can give you an advantage, as can having certification in a field that interests you the most. Learn more about getting certified and other career advancement opportunities by calling MOR Talent Solution in Cincinnati, Ohio.


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